• eFishery
    (April 2021 一 Present)

    Software Engineer

    The company offers an automatic fish feeder for commercial aquaculture that uses motion sensors to measure fish appetite and feed amounts and also provides integrated services, starting from farming operations, and financing to distribution, enabling fish farmers to increase productivity and profits in fish and shrimp farming.

    • Architecting multiple services using a microservice pattern with Golang
    • Creating a system to acquire, grow, and verify customers from 0 to more than 50000
    • Help the engineering manager in the team to define OKRs for one quarter
    • Help EM to define day-to-day tasks for backend engineer in grooming and planning meeting
    • Setting up deployment pipeline for a monorepo with code quality scanner (Sonarqube)
    • Interviewing candidates
    • Promoted to Senior Backend Engineer in 2023 and become a mentor to 2 subordinates
  • Kampus Merdeka - Ruangguru
    (August 2022 一 December 2022)

    Backend Engineer Mentor

    Kampus Merdeka is a government program under education ministry of Indonesia, an internship like program.

    • Mentoring about 25 mentees in a class for around 20 hours every month
    • Help the mentees solve the task given and explain Golang from creating variables until creating REST API with frontend templating using Golang standard library
    • Doing quiz and Q&A in each session
  • Sakoo
    (October 2020 一 April 2021)

    Backend Developer

    Sakoo (Satu Toko Online) is a web-based application that provides and integrates offline and online sales channels so that it can help business owners increase their effectiveness and efficiency in selling. Sakoo provides features in the form of stock management, transactions, customer data, and product catalogs.

    • Helping the team to debug and create features for the marketplace integration product
    • Using a message broker to create an event-driven architecture for product and order management
    • Helping the team to decide and divide given tasks
  • Machine Vision
    (May 2020 一 October 2020)

    Backend Developer

    Machine Vision is a technology company that brought the 4.0 industrial revolution in Indonesia.

    • Helping production team to create LMS application for the company product
    • Helping the project team to debug and create new features for the projects
    • Define and communicate technical and design requirements
  • Sepay Studio
    (October 2018 一 April 2020)

    Software Engineer 一 Freelance

    Sepay Studio is a small team that develop based on client needs and requirements.

    • Architecting and develop product by requirements based on client needs
    • Implemented changes or fixes based on client requests
    • Developing game, API, and website for the client
  • Alterra
    (December 2018 一 March 2019)

    Software Engineer 一 Intern

    Alterra is the leading B2B tech company in Indonesia that provides a wide range of services such as Bill Payment Aggregator, Distribution Network, Promotion Platform, and Tech Academy.

    • Creating an initiative to continue developing internal applications for the company
    • Building project management tools and an internal application to monitor employee tasks, commits, and pull request activities